MEMBER AMATEUR-  for the begginers or those who are learning




            All the members who did not be part in any other category.




            This category groups artists with a consolidated career and a strong dedication to painting.

Can become Signature member the painters acceptes for 3 ASPAS Biennials or those accepted for 2 Biennials and winners of ASPAS awards in Biennials or OnLine contests.


In any case, all painters can ask to become a member of this group:  the artist´s artwork as well as his/her curriculum will be taken into account. Furthermore it will be necessary to fulfill some of the following conditions:



            1. University Fine Art education

            2. Pictorical education with artists or institutions dedicated 
           to teaching pastel painting.

            3. Professional dedication to painting

            4. At least 3 years of career as an artist, having exposed the
           artwork in individual or collective exhibitions,

           taking into consideration aspects such as:

       A.  The realization of different individual exhibitions in commercial
           or public art galleries (specify names)

       B.  The selection in different contests or collective exhibitions
           (with selection panel of judges) (specify names)

       C.  Awards in exhibitions or contests on a national or international  


       5.  The contribuition to the popularization of pastel painting,
           taking into consideration aspects such as:

A.  The teaching of pastel painting.

            B. The publication of a book on the popularization or teaching
           of pastel, or the selection of being among the artists popularizing

            C. The ownership of an up-to-date website showing pastel art work.

            D. The commitment to associations which are focusing on the promotion
           of painting and the collaboration in activities that concentrate on
           the popularization and promotion of pastel painting.


            ASPAS will call all the years all the painters who want to be part of this categorie. Interested painters must make an acceptance proposal accompanying the application with a curriculum specifying the degree of adaptation to the conditions above, as well as with photographs of 20 significant artworks. A selection committee, different from the Board of Directors, will evaluate these applications.



This category will be reserved for a few professional pastel artists with a fully consolidated carreer accompanied by an open, public recognition for their work.


            Those artists granted with the membership of this category, shall have an artistic career of at least 10 years, exhibit their artwork habitually

in individual or collective art shows and have an unquestionable public recognition proved by the receipt of awards and distinctions. The active participation in the popularization and promotion of pastel painting will also be appreciated.



ASPAS will ask each year to the Signature Members to propose painters to become Master Pastellist. A maximum of one painter par year can be elected as Master Pastellist



 This category groups people who are not pastel artists, but who collaborate in the development of our Association as well as in the achievement of its goals, through their economic support and different kinds of collaboration (material aid, advising, logstic support etc.)